Alita Films strives to tell visual stories that promote respect, empathy, and understanding of people, cultures, and issues worldwide. Led by principal filmmaker Jessica Sherry, we specialize in creating high-quality, compelling documentary-driven content for cinema, television, and online platforms, from inception to completion. Our films span from educational to commercial, branded to journalistic and our clients include National Geographic, GE, MSNBC, Bank of America, Aljazeera, among many other nonprofits, news organizations, and brands.

Our feature documentary Waiting for John explored an extraordinary religion in the South Pacific; the film premiered on television in PBS’s award-winning Pacific Heartbeat series and screened in film festivals around the world.  We have filmed in far flung locations worldwide, exploring stories of success and hardship, history and new frontiers.   At Alita Films, we believe people are fascinating, fascinatingly similar in their struggles, amazingly complicated in their beliefs, and documenting their stories keeps us fascinated in our own.

With over 15 years in the documentary field, Jessica has developed many intricate ideas and personal stories into visual, viceral, and intimate short and long-form films.  With experience living and filming internationally, Jessica has directed diverse films for television, nonprofits and brands; she has created viral videos, ethnographic documentaries, and poignant pieces that help change policy. Her work for GE about 3D printing won the Best New Artist award at the Tongies. Producing for television, Jessica helped craft the story of the first DNA testing of the King Tut royal mummy family for the Discovery Channel four-hour special, King Tut Unwrapped. For PBS Nature’s What Females Want, What Males Will Do, Jessica worked with a team in Ethiopia to tell the story of baboon love and its message about evolution. Jessica directed the documentary Waiting for John about the last surviving Cargo Cult, which aired in PBS's award-winning Pacific Heartbeat series and screened in film festivals worldwide. She has interviewed religious leaders, DNA scientists, DEA agents, and piano playing cats, hoping to glimpse into new worlds. Jessica is inspired by the universalities in the human experience, counterintuitive notions, and the beauty found in the everyday.  She graduated Northwestern University with a Radio/Television/Film degree concentrating in creative writing and film production.

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Starting with the first kernel of an idea, we work to find the heart of the story, the people who can give us new and untold perspectives, and the visual style that will make it all come alive. With careful research and planning, we develop each story beat to build engaging and authentic storylines. With production partners and experience worldwide, we produce complex shoots internationally and throughout the United States, making sure things stay on schedule and on budget. We specialize in telling stories in remote locations, on sensitive topics, and difficult situations worldwide. With skilled editors and post-production facilities, we find the most emotional moments and eye-catching visuals in the edit room and deliver high quality films.  From start to finish, we develop, produce, direct, and edit nonfiction films of any length, on any topic, and we are excited to work with you.  Contact us with your ideas, your production needs, your hopes and goals, anywhere, anytime.

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